Of Love And Leaves

Inspired by O’ Henry’s short story, ‘The Last Leaf’


Inspired by O’ Henry’s short story, ‘The Last Leaf’

She stares out of the window.
A bleak prospect, no sunlight.
A whithering tree, obscuring her sight.

She sighs, she turns.
Tells her friend to return.
Her life like those leaves to end in few terms.

Her days are dull with morbid thoughts.
The tree seems to follow her dreaded clock.
It sheds leaf after leaf, tick tock – tick tock.

She waits on an edge everyday.
Whispering to the leaves fallen in vain.
That they weren’t alone, they shared her pain.

Thus she waits, as a season fades.
The murals fade in the street alleyway.
The leaves all fallen, except one stays.

So she checks on it day by day.
Her thoughts preoccupied by the last leaf; that stays.
She slowly forgets her sickness, her horrid pain.

Till one day she decides to go outside.
To see the wonder; the last leaf’s might.
The internal strength that kept it alive.

She feels her heart swell in pride.
As she skips down the steps as if in flight.
The green paint splattered skips her sight.

She reaches the tree.
Her happiness entwined, the leaf and her, they both survived.
As she touches the wall, she starts to cry.

The last leaf stays as an emblem in paint.
Her ray of hope, her estranged friend.
The splattered paint now made sense.

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