True and inspiring!

A is for


The world’s full up
of ‘cup half empty’ thinking,
rhetoric, and cynicism that shrugs
at the thought of leaving a
positive impact on someone else’s life,
that lies to itself, that a smile
can’t make things right,
that living is only a dog-eat-dog
breath away from failing to
take another step and, each day,
that we have to scrape at faces
just to get by

Enough, I said!

Enough already!

The world’s just fine being
as hard as it is just existing by
itself without the help of a million
pieces of pretentious, preposterous
credos that preach at us to step
on someone else just to get another
inch further by

Enough already!

Enough, I said!

Life’s too serious to be serious
all the time and what help are your
burdens when heaped, through frowns
and snips, on someone else’s side
but just another weight to bring them
down further to…

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