A Pandora of Myths

The unemployeds’ guide to well being

‘Have a break, have a Kitkat’
This is probably the most common mantra of our kind. Yes we are the exponentially multiplying species of today’s world. Our primary concern is not having a job but our ‘confident’ motto is all about enjoying self time. I get to sit at home, I get to enjoy myself, etc… Yes, we have all done that. Deep down however, the only popping mantra seems to be; That’s not where the moneys at.

Stress is so not a part of my dictionary
Those who have work complain about it and those who don’t get reprimanded about it. Believe me, the last thing we feel is ‘not’ stressed out.

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel and it’s blinding
We all have expectations and yes it’s good to have them. However, the tendency to get stuck in unrealistic vicious cycles of hope is not healthy. Be positively negative is my coping policy. You might just see that light but don’t forget the matches (or the led on your smartphone is just fine).

It’s not about the money
Sure we all ‘love’ our jobs. However all pretense aside 80 – 90% of us would have other things to do, if for example money grew on trees. Do not overestimate or underestimate your capability. It’s ‘a lot’ about the money.

His / her cup of tea is my cup of hand ground coffee
One of the worst topic of conversation for an unemployed person are the woes of the employed one. Yes sure you would have happily nailed that job and dealt with that situation, but well they wouldn’t really want an engineer in doctors’ overalls.


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